Inspiring films from the Ocean Film Festival

This Friday I went to the Ocean Film Festival. Currently on tour around the UK, the festival showcases a selection of inspiring films, some of which I am still thinking about two days later.

One film I can’t stop thinking about in particular was ‘And then we swam’. This true story of how two men decided they wanted to row across the Indian Ocean despite having no rowing experience or support was both funny and insightful.

The film follows two Englishmen, Ben and James as they prepare for and then embark on a journey from Australia to Mauritius in a two man row boat. After a few days in the boat, the pair came to the conclusion that the ocean has its own personality, describing it as a god that needs appeasing and praying to. This really struck me as it is such an obvious thing that the ocean would have a personality of its own that can’t be controlled and yet this is often forgotten as we take what we want from the ocean with little thought for the consequences. Watch the trailer for the film here.

Many of the films also highlighted the freedom that the ocean represents for many of us. You can dive for your own food, you can row across an ocean for 116 days, or you can feel like you are flying as you surf across the waves.

The final film of the evening featured a paraplegic woman called Pascale Honore surfing with the help of some duct tape and a friend of her son’s. The smile on Pascale’s face as she duct-taped surfed was huge and proved that no matter your situation, anything is possible. You can watch her story here and I hope you feel inspired to follow your dreams, no matter how big the obstacles seem.

Find out more about the Ocean Film Festival here.