Wild beavers born in UK

A pair of wild beavers living in the River Otter, Devon, have given birth to three babies, known as kits.

When two adults and a juvenile European beaver (Castor fiber) were spotted earlier this year on the River Otter, it was the first time this species has been spotted in the wild in England for about 500 years.

While some local people are excited to see the return of the beavers, the UK Government is less thrilled and had planned to re-home them. However, the arrival of the kits will delay any decision on this matter.

Although the Government describes the Devon beavers as non-native invasive species, beavers have been successfully re-introduced in Scotland and they can be good for the local environment. The dams that beavers build provide a haven for other species such as water voles and dragonflies. The dams also act as a water filter and can help control flooding.

There are many more benefits that beavers provide for the environment so I hope the family in Devon are treated with the respect they deserve.