Join Don, Gisele, Ian and Yaya in the World Environment Day Challenge

This week’s selection of wildlife related social media includes: Don Cheadle asking you to step up and save energy for World Environment Day; people dressed as pandas; and an interactive Annual Report from WWF Australia.

Gisele Bündchen, Don Cheadle, Ian Somerhalder and Yaya Touré – all United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassadors – have stepped up to challenge the world to reduce waste and mitigate climate change.

Each ambassador wants you to join their team and make a pledge to save energy, reduce food waste, do business with companies that have demonstrated their commitment to the planet, and use less plastic. Choose your team and make your pledge to the environment! (Warning: Ian Somerhalder looks smoulderingly hot on his team information page – it may be distracting to some people)

In China, people who care for baby pandas at the Hetaoping Research and Conservation Centre are dressing up as pandas. The fancy dress helps prepare pandas for their release into the wild as it improves their ability to bond with other members of their own species and ensures they don’t become too familiar with humans. Watch a short video here! (Daily Motion)

Finally this week, a beautiful picture of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef posted by WWF Australia on Facebook led me to their latest Annual Report. Although an Annual Report may not usually cause much excitement, I was really impressed by the interactive tablet app that showcases WWF Australia’s best projects from the 2012-2013 financial year. It features a video message from their CEO, Dermot O’Gorman and an interactive map which links to project information. Find out how you can view WWF Australia’s Annual Report here.

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The best of this week’s wildlife social media

This week I’ve stumbled across some great photos and videos of sloths, snails, and meerkats that I’d like to share with you.

Click on the links to see the original posts!

First up are some adorable sloths – make sure you watch the video! (BuzzFeed)

Now for some some magical snails (Bored Panda)

Finally, a heart-warming tale of friendship between one man and a family of meerkats. (Buzzfeed)